Brooke + Kyle

Kyle and Brooke had a wonderful day! They have such a comfortable relationship with each other and I can tell they work through everything as a team together. It was a beautiful day with many happy tears. Brooke and Kyle were meant to be together and you can tell from all the things that were said that day. From their vows they wrote to each other to the story of how they became a couple. It all just makes sense. They put God at the center of their relationship and he has guided them through life.

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Jenna + Brandon

These two had the best day in June with the best weather June could offer! They had a perfect day, had so many laughs, and created the best memories. Jenna and Brandon are tons of fun and their group of friends had us laughing all day! I really should have included the “Harry Potter Disappearing Spell” photo but I decided to let them be surprised when they get their gallery haha!

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Brooke + Eric

Brooke and Eric are a little more special to me than any wedding. Eric is my little cousin and now Brooke is part of our family too. I couldn’t be happier for them. Even seeing Eric in his tux the morning of the wedding it was a little hard to wrap my head around the fact that it was HIS wedding. My brother and all of our cousins are growing up and we can’t use the “you have to be older than 10 to play with us” trick. But that’s okay because they are all way cooler than us now and probably want to say “you have to be younger than 29 to hang out with us” now. HAHA.

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Kristen + Skylar

Kristen and Skylar had the perfect day! It may have been cold but the day was perfect! Kristen wanted outdoor photos and she didn’t let the cold scare her from them! I think of Kristen as my friend and was so thankful when she asked me to take their wedding photos! Then I got to thinking that Skylar graduated with my brother and it made me feel a little old LOL! I am still REALLY REALLY jealous that my mom gets to teach with her and I don’t! But thankful Winona gets to have such a kind, loving teacher at their school. I know all the other teachers and students would agree they are grateful to have her.

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Lincoln + Allyssa

Lincoln and Allyssa had a wonderful day. They had so much fun with each other! I love getting to know these couples and their story. Lincoln looks at Allyssa like every wife hopes her husband will look at her. He looked at her that way with tears in his eyes as she walked down the aisle. I have a feeling he will look at her like that many, many more times in their life together. He will do anything for her and I know she will do the same. They both are so lucky to have a partner that will continually be a rock throughout the hard times and the happy times.

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Kaitlyn + Brice

Kaitlyn and Brice had such an amazing day. The weather was gorgeous and so was every single detail. They love each other so well. You could feel how much love they have for one another and how excited they were to be married! They had so much fun and didn’t let the stresses of a wedding day touch them! Brice and Kaitlyn are so easy going and are always there to make the other laugh. I can already tell Brice will do everything in his power to make Kaitlyn happy and I can tell she is the sweetest and kindest person and will in turn treat her new husband with such love and respect. Their day went so smoothly and they had so many family and friends that came to support them. 

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