Dylan + Bailey

Wow.  What a gorgeous day and what a blessing it was to be part of it! Dylan and Bailey seem pretty darn perfect together.  They share a birthday (seriously how cool is that?!) and I’m pretty sure they share the same thoughts because they would glance at each other at exactly the same time the whole day! They exchanged probably close to 2.3 million smiles between each other throughout the day.  They didn’t let the day overwhelm them but they truly seemed to soak up each moment and enjoy it.  Together.  Exactly how you are supposed to do your wedding day!

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Kane + Tori

These two.  I can’t say enough about them.  Tori and Kane said “I Do” in the Cooper Barn in Colby, Kansas.  It was such a beautiful venue and fit their day just perfectly.  I have known Tori since we were just little babes playing in the kiddie pool in our backyards. She was always full of laughter and joy back then and nothing has changed a bit.  She is still as happy, kindhearted, bubbly, and caring as ever! Kane and Tori couldn’t be a more perfect match.   Continue reading “Kane + Tori”