Brooke + Kyle

Kyle and Brooke had a wonderful day! They have such a comfortable relationship with each other and I can tell they work through everything as a team together. It was a beautiful day with many happy tears. Brooke and Kyle were meant to be together and you can tell from all the things that were said that day. From their vows they wrote to each other to the story of how they became a couple. It all just makes sense. They put God at the center of their relationship and he has guided them through life.

They had so many family and friends at their wedding supporting them. Some of my favorite photos in their full gallery are of Brooke’s mom and dad. I didn’t include them in this blog but they were having the best time together and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them together! They reminded me of a new couple just having the time of their lives together! Brooke and Kyle BOTH have parents with such strong relationships and I know they have a great group of role models to look up to and help support their love and marriage. How truly blessed they are to be surrounded by these types of relationships within their family and their friends.

I also feel like I am connected to them personally as they are going through a full house remodel just like us! I KNOW that if you can make it through a house remodel with your significant other, you are set for life! There is nothing more trying on a relationship than that! LOL! Kidding but kind of serious! I am so excited they are now able to start their life together in their new home that they worked so hard together to create! I wish you two the very best! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day!