Jenna + Brandon

These two had the best day in June with the best weather June could offer! They had a perfect day, had so many laughs, and created the best memories. Jenna and Brandon are tons of fun and their group of friends had us laughing all day! I really should have included the “Harry Potter Disappearing Spell” photo but I decided to let them be surprised when they get their gallery haha!

Pretty sure Jenna loves Brandon for all the laughs he gives her and I know he will keep her life exciting and funny forever! You can tell how much he loves her because he dealt with pictures like a champ and kept her laughing through them all. Jenna is going to be a teacher and her kind, calm, patient soul is going to be so perfect for those kids! Her and Brandon are the perfect match. Jenna is so quiet and sweet and Brandon can make a room laugh but you know he will be there for Jenna or his friends and family if they ever need a thing. The toasts and speeches by their best friends were so sweet and you can tell their different personalities match up perfectly. All I know is these two have such a love for each other. At every wedding it makes me cry thinking that this is just the beginning. There are so many wonderful memories to be made that they have no idea about yet. Just thinking about how much more they will love each other in a year seems hard to understand, but in a year, I bet they understand. At the time, your wedding seems like the best day of your life. But then, you keep making more best days and more best days and have tons of wonderful memories together.

They are surrounded by so much love and support between their fun and loving friends and their family that will be there and support them through everything. Jenna’s dad’s prayer proved that they have many people around them that will continually cheer them on.

Jenna and Brandon, I am so happy for you both and wish you the very, very best! I hope your first (almost) month of marriage has been perfect. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day!!