Brooke + Eric

Brooke and Eric are a little more special to me than any wedding. Eric is my little cousin and now Brooke is part of our family too. I couldn’t be happier for them. Even seeing Eric in his tux the morning of the wedding it was a little hard to wrap my head around the fact that it was HIS wedding. My brother and all of our cousins are growing up and we can’t use the “you have to be older than 10 to play with us” trick. But that’s okay because they are all way cooler than us now and probably want to say “you have to be younger than 29 to hang out with us” now. HAHA.

But seriously Eric and Brooke are so great together and are just plain fun. I know it is their favorite time of the year again where they can hang out at the lake together. Eric fishes and Brooke sits with him and reads. I just think that is adorable. It was fitting that both their wedding and engagement photos happened at a lake!

Brooke is going to be an amazing speech pathologist and every single little client of hers is going to adore her. I am pretty sure she talked to every person at her wedding but made especially sure to talk to all the kids there. She treats them just like the most important person in the world when she is chatting with them. My daughter has sat and watched me edit this wedding because she was obsessed with Brooke and her pretty dress. Brooke is so considerate of everyone and puts everyone’s needs above her own. Even on her wedding day she kept telling me we could do whatever was easier for ME even though it was HER day and I worked for her. But Brooke is too kind to ask anyone to go out of their way for her. Eric compliments Brooke perfectly and is just a great guy. He may hate pictures like every guy on the planet but he put a smile on and even could read my mind and knew his next pose before I said it! LOL. Thanks Eric!

Thank you both so much for allowing me to capture your perfect day and I wish you both nothing but the best! Love you both!

Dress – True Society by Belle Vogue

Flowers – Regeena’s Flowers

Videography – Farmgirl Films

Venue – Bellwether Barn

Rings – Diamond R Jewelry

Hair – Kendra Dautel

Makeup – Morgan Woelk

Cake – Tricia Goode