Kristen + Skylar

Kristen and Skylar had the perfect day! It may have been cold but the day was perfect! Kristen wanted outdoor photos and she didn’t let the cold scare her from them! I think of Kristen as my friend and was so thankful when she asked me to take their wedding photos! Then I got to thinking that Skylar graduated with my brother and it made me feel a little old LOL! I am still REALLY REALLY jealous that my mom gets to teach with her and I don’t! But thankful Winona gets to have such a kind, loving teacher at their school. I know all the other teachers and students would agree they are grateful to have her.

These two are so nice, fun, sweet, hilarious, and all the other words you can think of to describe the type of people you just want to hang out with! I know these two will have such a fun life together and will create amazing memories. They also have wonderful families and friends that will be such a great support system for them. Skylar (like every other guy) LOVES pictures (har har) but he took as many as we asked him to and was happy through it all. I know he will do whatever it takes to make Kristen happy. I love seeing grooms on their wedding day just being happy to make their future wife happy.

I wish you two the VERY best! Thank you again for asking me to be a part of your day! I can’t wait to see the life you two create together and I know it will be wonderful!