Lincoln + Allyssa

Lincoln and Allyssa had a wonderful day. They had so much fun with each other! I love getting to know these couples and their story. Lincoln looks at Allyssa like every wife hopes her husband will look at her. He looked at her that way with tears in his eyes as she walked down the aisle. I have a feeling he will look at her like that many, many more times in their life together. He will do anything for her and I know she will do the same. They both are so lucky to have a partner that will continually be a rock throughout the hard times and the happy times.

I feel like you can always get a glimpse into how their lives will be together by how people react to the punches their wedding day throws their way. And trust me, there are ALWAYS punches LOL! As much as we want everything to be perfect I have yet to be at a wedding where at least one tiny thing didn’t cause a hiccup. But the important thing is that you are married at the end of it! On their day it was the very nice wind that picked up precisely in the middle of their ceremony after having the most beautiful morning! Lincoln and Allyssa just laughed and said, “indoor pictures it is!” They smiled and shrugged it off. They are so easy going and I know they can always lean on each other to get through the hiccups big or small!

They just got back from their honeymoon in time for Christmas and I really wanted to finish their blog and gallery for them! Here is the blog and the gallery is not far behind! Thank you so much for your patience and asking me to be a part of your day! I hope you both had a wonderful time on your honeymoon! I wish you two the very, very best! THANK YOU AGAIN for being so fun to work with!