Brandee & Dexter

Brandee and Dexter had such a beautiful fall wedding! They have an easy love and even got to have their sweet daughter spend their day with them!

These two were so easy going and enjoyed all the moments of their wedding day. I love that they included personal things about them! We had their first look with their airplane and their reception was in the coolest airplane hangar! I didn’t even know airplane hangars could be that clean and white! I LOVED IT! It fit them perfectly and they just got to be themselves and have fun all day.

You can tell Dexter will do anything for Brandee and she is so kind and loving in return. Brandee was so patient and enjoyed every second she got to spend with her daughter throughout their day. I loved that Brylee was included in so many big moments. She will treasure these photos and videos as she grows up. Plus she is just too adorable and pretty sure she enjoyed having Grandma at her beck and call all day!

So many of their friends and family came to support them and I can bet not one of them left without having a good time! They have a wonderful support system to love their sweet family of three.

I am so happy for you guys and wish you the very best! Thank you for allowing me to be part of it! I hope Brylee grows up to find a love like yours!