Romantic Kansas Engagement – Monument Rocks

Jake and Kayle are just a perfect example why I love photographing people. These two are so kind and their love is easy to see. It’s not over-the-top or in-your-face. It’s just the perfect love that you can tell they are best friends and soul mates. They don’t have to prove it to anyone. We can just see it! Their kindness towards each other and their willingness for anything made this shoot so fun!!

While we were chatting I found out that Jake is a Geologist! How perfect were nature’s props for their photos!? The Monument Rock Pyramids couldn’t have been more gorgeous in the afternoon sun! Kayle planned the location and I love that she wanted it to be special and meaningful for Jake! Just this little gesture shows how much she thinks about others. She even wanted to find an oil well! We drove by lots but she picked this one and it was just perfect with perfect light!! I love that these places have meaning to them both! 

This may have been the windiest day I’ve ever photographed and you better believe these pyramids served as a superb wind tunnel!! LOL! FOURTY mph wind gusts (maybe more?) was no joke out there! With that being said, I hope these photos will be treasured by these two forever. I hope they can look back and remember all the laughs they had and how good they look even when the wind about knocked them over. It may have been windy but man did it make for some good dress shots!! This is exactly why I LOVE dresses! So much gorgeous movement that adds a little romance to your photos!

Truly, these two will have such a beautiful wedding day this fall and I can’t wait to see their happiness during it! Thank you Kayle and Jake for trusting me with this special time in your lives!

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