I have known Ellis since we were both tiny tots causing a ruckus at church! He has grown into such a great, kind, respectful young man.  My husband has recently gotten the privilege to get to know Ellis since he coaches him on the football field. 

Of course my husband is very VERY impressed with (and thankful for) his athletic ability on the football field. But what impresses him most is the fact that he and Ellis’s teammates can always, always count on him.  Although Ellis may not talk much, Jeff is continually impressed by him.  I always hear so much about how thankful he is for Ellis (as well as many of his friends he runs around with) and that he never has to worry about them. He knows they are respectable young men that are great leaders for their teammates. That truly is something to brag about! The people around him will always know he will show up. His work ethic, drive, and responsibility will lead him to great things in life and I’m excited to see where it takes him!

Also very thankful Ellis didn’t tweak an ankle during his session or my husband might have disowned me! HAHA!  

Thank you again Ellis! I wish you nothing but the best as you begin your senior year and plan the next chapter of your life! Go Plainsmen!