Aaron + Brittany

Aaron and Brittany’s day was as beautiful as they are.  They said their vows at the Catholic church in Colby and moved the reception to the Legion to celebrate their love.  

Being part of their day was so fun and easy.  These two have such a fun love that you can see from a mile away.  They laughed through all of the mushy gushy stuff I made them do and smiled together all day.  These two are about as easy going as they come and it was a joy to work with them.  They have such a wonderful support system around them from their family to their amazing bridal party and friend.  They all helped their day be perfect from start to finish.  I can see why so many people love them and wanted to join them on their wedding day.  They are down to earth, kind, and so caring to those around them.  I know their love will only grow with time.  Thank you Aaron and Brittany for the opportunity to photograph your day.  I am so very grateful.
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