Jared + Taylor

The first blog post is going to be devoted to doting on my favorite people.  I would absolutely LOVE to live in the same town as my best best friends. But, until that day comes, I’ll just deal with frequent trips to their town to take pretty pictures and eat lots of Mexican 🙂

I officially met Taylor in college and then asked if she would play on my intramural basketball team.  Thank gosh she still wanted to be my friend after she immediately got two black eyes from a pretty aggressive opponent the first trip down the floor.  Thankfully, each year of college we became a little closer, lived together, and now, I would probably be lost without her friendship.  I take that back, I WOULD be lost without her friendship.

Taylor and Jared are about as kind, caring, laid back, and fun loving as they come.  When Jared decided to get us closer to our location by driving straight off a cliff, I learned that maybe he likes to live life on the edge too! Thank goodness for 4Runners and “oh crap” handles!  But in all seriousness, these two are some of the hardest working, and driven people I know.  They both also have tons of talents and have some big dreams that I can’t wait to see unfold.  Getting to hang out with them and catch up is pretty hard to beat. Taylor and I see each other pretty frequently but it’s so great to see both of them.  Their relationship is really something everyone wants.  They are a great team and genuinely best friends.  I mean, going on 10 years they have each other figured out 🙂 So thank you guys for taking the trek to the middle of nowhere and for buying me Mexican.  And margaritas.


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