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Welcome to Amberly Hennick Photography!  Based out of Oakley, Kansas.

When you book your session with Amberly Hennick Photography, I want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and able to portray your personality through your pictures.  Most sessions will last anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours!

This is our little family! We are about to add another girl to the mix! I am so excited to raise three sisters and I hope they can be the best of friends. We got married in 2016 and had our daughter two days before our first anniversary! These memories are so fresh in my mind and are my WHY. These moments are fleeting and I want to help you capture as many memories as possible!
I have had my photography business for over 10 years now and I could not be more thankful for all my clients! 

I love photographing weddings because I remember how I felt on our wedding day. Full of joy and excitement! I look back at photos and realize how much I forgot through the craziness of the day! The photos we have are truly priceless. I remember how much thought we put into every single detail and I wanted it all documented so I could look back on it for a lifetime.

I love photographing families because, one, they are stinking adorable and kids’ smiles and giggles can’t be beat, but two, because life happens so fast and too many times we forget to document through photos! People always told me this but until I had my own babe, I just truly didn’t understand. I want to give timeless, joyful photos to spread throughout your home!

Seniors are also one of my passions. My creative self loves creating with seniors. I love trying new things and bringing your passions and personality into your photos. It is such a pivotal time in your lives and I want to help you feel amazing and proud as you look back on your photos.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon!

With love,